Posted by Pat Cathcart
Why not let your love of wine go to great causes?  Hunger, Homelessness, Literacy (Children and Adults), Eradicating Polio
Wine Survivor is Back.  Win a Gift Certificate for the Provincial Government Liquor Commission
Just in Time to Fill Your Wine Cellar for the Holiday.  Tickets cost $ 35.00 with 3 Chances to buy back in at $ 5.00 each
Wine Survivor Raffle Rules
1.  Each individual will pay a fee of $ 35.00 cash or cheque.  $ 20.00 for entrance into Wine Survivor and $ 15.00 to contribute equal to the price of a bottle of wine.
2.  Prizes will be in the format of Provincial Government Liquor Commission gift certificates. 
3.  All entrants must submit an email address for notifications.  Notifications will be issued from ClubRunner Event Planner to email address.  Raffle rules will be posted on the Rotary Club of Sackville and Area Website and Facebook Page.
4.  We cannot openly solicit in other provinces.  However, if someone is here and wants to purchase tickets, we can sell to them.  The prizes will be Provincial Government Liquor Commission gift certificates.
5.  No person under the age of 19 years of age may enter the raffle.  
6.  Individuals may enter more than once, and each entry will be treated as a separate entry.
7. Entries will be accepted until Noon, November 23. 2021.
8.  Each Tuesday, starting with Tuesday, November 23 to Tuesday, December 7, 2021, ten names will be drawn and will be out of the running unless they opt to donate another $5.00 to re-enter or buy-in the draw. At the last draw on Tuesday, December 10, 2021 all names will be eliminated until only 3 names remain, who will be the winners.
9.  All names drawn will be notified by email and the given the opportunity for a buy-in.  Winners will be notified by email.
10. Draws will be made on the days designated at noon at Acadia Park, Lower Sackville, NS
11.  Payment for the entry fee of $ 35.00 may be made by cash or cheque. 
12.  There are no restrictions of the participation of members, families, volunteers, etc., of the Rotary Club of Sackville and Area.
13. The last 3 names left on December 10, 2019 will win.  The Provincial Liquor Commission gift certificates are divided as:
                    1st prize will get 50%.
                    2nd prize will get 30%.
                    3rd prize will get 20%.
14. Example:  If 100 tickets are sold $ 15.00 X 1000 = $ 1,500.00.
1st prize would be a Provincial Government Liquor Commission gift certificate of $ 750.00
2nd prize would be a Provincial Government Liquor Commission gift certificate of $ 450.00
3rd prize would be a Provincial Government Liquor Commission gift certificate of $ 300.00
This Wine Survivor Raffle is being conducted under the
AGD license no. 310101-21