This morning we presented a cheque for $1200 via a conference call to Shelterbox Canada. We spoke to Shelterbox Canada Ambassador Carol Robar who was able to update us on improvements to the scheme. The main program holds Shelterboxes in locations around the world so that they can easily be transported to areas of natural disaster or conflict in the Developed and Developing world. Shelterboxes contain...
....a tent, cooking equipment, bedding and the means to turn the box into a water purification system. In addition Shelter Kits can be provided consisting of tools and hardware to affect repairs to a property to make it water tight after a property is damaged. The relief is tailored to the need, for example mosquito nets are included in some boxes and blankets and mittens in others, depending on where the aid is needed. Tents have been redesigned to have inflatable lights incorporated which can be used inside or out, or can be sympathetically redesigned to meet cultural needs, for example tents that encourage positive Fung Shui.
Shelterbox was started by a Rotarian, and is Rotary Partner project. Shelterbox staff deal with people in need, not governments or bureaucrats, and often it is a local Rotary presence that allows additional items to be sourced or funded. This program is humanitarian in its purest sense, brining hope and dignity to peoples around the world in their hours of direst need.