Posted by Pat Cathcart
Speaker - Alana Hirtle - Vocational Service Director, Rotary Club of Truro, spoke at our Tuesday morning meeting on the - Portapique Community Build Up +. 
In the days following the April tragedy in Portapique and surrounding areas, the Rotary Club of Truro, Nova Scotia struck a committee, “Rotary Cares” to see how they may be able to assist the community in their healing process. The last few months, working with residents of Portapique, the project entitled “Community Build Up +” was announced.  This project, developed from community consultation, is an upgrade to the existing Community Hall in Portapique, which is over 200 years old and an addition of a new structure, which will house dances, weddings, and other community events such as children’s programs, and yoga.  Also outdoors they are taking the existing plot of land and adding a playground, as well as a multipurpose area for sports, flea markets, etc. The project is called “Community Build Up +” and the intention is for the residents to rebuild their community with our support. Join in efforts to rebuild Portapique! Together, let's help the community rise again!
                Outside Area                                    Artist's Rendering of New Building
Community Foundation of Nova Scotia will accept donations through their We Rise Again Fund; receipts will be provided for amounts of $20 or more.