Posted by Sally Holden on Oct 19, 2017



Sometimes even if you know the right thing to do, and do it, life doesn’t always work out if someone else does not make such good choices. Helping others make responsible choices was the message that was made by Mitch Dorge as he recounted the tragic stories of Jacqueline Saburido and Emily Watts. But this was no ordinary life skills lesson! The Crash Test Dummies Drummer, extrovert and eternal enthusiast told stories of his life, his music and engaged the whole grade 10 cohort at Chares P Allen cohort with 2 hours of high energy interaction......


Mitch has drummed all his life; it is the thing he loves most. He became a drum teacher after school, but soon began to play in bands and toured Europe, North America and Australia. At each stage of his life he has felt that he was absolutely content doing exactly that for the rest of his life. Still new opportunities came his way, and since joining the Crash Test Dummies in 1991 he has been the positive energy that has made their shows electric. 

Now he talks to students of all ages about how positivity can make changes in your life, how doing something you love is the absolute best gift, and that if everyone made responsible life choices all the time there would be less need of burns units overrun with meth lab burn victims and fewer impaired vehicle tragedies.

A message that can often be overlooked by young people of all ages, but if delivered like this can inspire a generation to make changes to the lives of so many.

This event was made possible by Co-operators insurance and the liaison between Patricia de Freitas and the school through our Interact club.