Posted by Pat Cathcart on Jul 05, 2019
A good time was had by all who attended the 7820 Conference in May of this year.  There were engaged speakers and opportunities to share best practices with our fellow Rotarians.
Incoming Leadership Chair Louisa Horne with Beacon.  Louisa challenged us to "be flamingos" and affect positive change.  Questioned how can our District  help us; stating it could be in any avenue of service:  club planning, governance, youth, local service, international service, fundraisers, socials - what will help our club be more irresistible?  Also introduced us to Beacon, and the possibility of getting Public Image funding by taking the Ro-terrier Puppy public image challenge and build greater awareness of Rotary.
Rotarian Bill Scammell and Vice President Beverly Barker.  Rotary Club of Sackville and Area had great representation at the District Conference.  Along with Bev and Bill, it was attended by Past President, Linda Meldrum and Rotarian Pat Cathcart.
Focus Groups were held on a new approach to club visits by District Leaders and and how our District can help with what our Clubs want.  Some creative thinking ideas were on:  Strategic Planning/visioning workshop; Board structure/effectiveness workshop; Partnership connection; International Project (planning a grant application or establishing a collaborative committee with other clubs); Have the District Chair participate in an event; Membership session or presentation to a new member event; Public image training, etc.   
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