Posted by Pat Cathcart
On October 17, 2019 Rotary Club of Sackville and Area and Rotary Interact Club helped with the setup, serving, cleanup and take down for the monthly Community Outreach Meal Event held at Knox United Church in Lower Sackville, NS.  The meal event was initiated to help target food insecurity in the community.  Since the first meal event with participation of 15 has increased to 225.  

It was noted that no young adults participated in the meal event, which led to the development of The Food Truck pilot  in October 2019.  Initial pilot had 147 participants suffering from food insecurity visit the Food Truck.  
Our club has taken on a project of "Hunger and Homeless" and has presented a cheque to Caroline Gallop, Chairwoman of the Community Outreach Meal Event Group.  It will go towards their Meal Event and Food Truck to help with their great work fighting food insecurity in the community.
 Community Outreach Meal Event - Food Truck Pilot - A Community effort 
Caroline Gallop, Chairwoman of the Community Outreach Meal Event Group says the group’s first project established a free, monthly meal event to help improve food insecurity at the greater community level.  Within two years, the event grew from feeding 15 people to feeding 225. Called the Community Outreach Meal Event and held at Knox United Church in Lower Sackville, it has become increasingly a social event and the group could not be happier. 
While this program was successful, there remained one nagging problem: it was noticed the youth were not coming, and it was thought there were other people in the community who were maybe not comfortable coming into the church hall.  The idea of a food truck was put on the table.  In short order, Rainie Murphy was named food truck project coordinator and the local Salvation Army donated the use of a food truck and a driver for the duration.  The cooking is scheduled for Mondays in a licensed kitchen and volunteers are signing up to help out.   The Food Truck can be found in Acadia Park parking lot on Monday evenings.