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A big hand for our masked, socially distanced clean up crew. 👏 Thank you once again. 👏
Adopt-A-Highway - Rotary Club of Sackville and Area held their 10th bi-annual cleanup from Exit 1K to Fultz House on Oct. 31st. Arranged by Sue Paynter and with 10 Rotarians and Friends of Rotary, 13 full bags of garbage plus other various items were cleared from view and sent to their proper disposal sites. With regular attention and effort, it makes for a cleaner, environmentally friendlier Lower Sackville, our community.
This morning our Rotary meeting had a very special guest speaker, Dr. Lisa Richard. She favoured us with unique stories and original songs (new single "Uniforms") and some old favourites. She also gave us insight in how COVID has changed her life. Extremely uplifting morning. We would like to thank her for taking the time to enhance our day.


All around the world, Rotarians and alumni will gather to share their experiences, network with each other, and exchange ideas for staying involved in Rotary. During the week of October 5-11, site will continually be updated. So keep checking back. Look at some of the posts on the site already which may inspire your next event to welcome local alumni back to Rotary.

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