Posted by Pat Cathcart on Jul 15, 2018

Volunteering at the “Helping Babies Breathe – 

Helping Babies Survive” Booth

House of Friendship 

Rotary International Convention 2018

House of Friendship had approximately 325 trade show booths (Rotary and non-Rotary related) at this year’s Rotary International Convention 2018 in Toronto.


Helping Babies Survive is a growing group of evidence-based, hands-on programs developed to reduce neonatal mortality in resource-limited environments.  At the “Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) – Helping Babies Survive” (HBS) booth you could find educational material and equipment available for “hands on” demonstrations.  continued.....



Dr. Doug McMillan, MD, FRCPC, Department of Pediatrics, IWK Health Centre and member of the Rotary Club of Halifax, headed the booth.  He was accompanied by Dr. Erick Amick from (American Academy of Pediatrics) AAP in Chicago. 

Dr. McMillan approached local Rotary Clubs for help in operating the booth at the convention.  Rotary Club of Sackville had 5 volunteers for him – Pat Cathcart, Jane Nauss, Linda Meldrum, Sue Paynter and Karen Broydell. After information and “how the equipment works” sessions with Dr. McMillan in Halifax, the booth calendar was populated.  All participating expressed what an informative, successful and fulfilling experience it was and pleased with how much the program has reduced the neonatal mortality rate.  It is a good start with more to come.  Everyone was grateful for the opportunity to help, to learn more about the program, to meet so many interesting people, and to make lots of new friends.

If you would like to know more about the program google Helping Babies Breathe -